Things One Can do to Stay Distracted from Tobacco

Quitting is undoubtedly a tough job. Redirecting your attention when the craving hits you is the most suitable way out. Fortunately there are a number of things one can do when it comes to distracting yourself, after all we are all humans and we know how to entertain ourselves. From household chores to exercises, or even starting a new hobby, ultimately one should be able to find something that suits them best. Simplest of things can bring you out of a negative thought or mindset.

Explore the options and activities given below which was successfully undertaken by ex-tobacco users, you might then even embrace your own inputs and turn away from tobacco diligently.

Work on the thought of not smoking

When one tries to change a habit, dwelling on things that you are missing becomes common and hence it heightens the depriving feeling. Just concentrate on what you can achieve if you don’t give in to the craving. Educate yourself regarding all the good stuff and how avoiding bad things can turn out to be a great decision.

  • Learn about all the things you will certainly go through after quitting and prepare yourself for it
  • Make a list of all the pros and never ending cons
  • Research about the statistics and facts about tobacco use and smoking
  • Also make a treat list, even if it consists of small things, do it to make you feel happy about quitting.
  • Rather maintain a reward fund. This means that you save the money that you spend on cigarette and treat yourself with that amount.
  • There should also be a list of activities that are craving-busters, and which will keep you away from tobacco.

Avoid isolation

People easily and unknowingly isolate themselves especially when they feel that they are tackling too big a situation. So it is important that you interact with your peers, friends and family. One can talk about quitting and share his/her feelings but it is not necessary, rather speak about other interesting stuff and things in common.

  • Calling a friend will help
  • Hug the person you love deeply and let them know what it means to have them in your life
  • Spending time with children is exciting and helpful
  • Try writing letters in a traditional way and surprise others with it, just the joy on their face will let you forget about everything else
  • Stand for the community and volunteer for their work
  • Write down about everything that you feel you are grateful for

Grow distraction at home

Finally knock off the “to do list” and get things done. Pull up your socks to organise the stuff that’s been troubling you. Clean houses definitely will only make you feel better and at peace.

  • Wash the car
  • Wax the car
  • Check the condition of the car and its tire pressure
  • Clean the garage and basement trust me you will end up finding treasures in there.
  • Take care of the laundry; organize the pictures and old albums, start gardening, try your hand at new recipes, bake if you have a sweet tooth, watch funny series or movies.