Amazing Facts About E-Cigarettes

Normal cigars have been in the market for so many years now, they are known for their simplicity and their affordable cost. On the other hand, the industries that are involved with such productions are determined to produce products that are in line with the recent development in technology. This is why the companies have come up with the electronic cigars. These are the cigars that are electronic. They rely on the usage of power for them to be operated. For instance they are fitted with cartridges that are meant to store the e-liquids. These liquids are extracted from raw tobacco. In the process of inhaling the tobacco from this device, it will have to be heated to the highest degrees for it to vaporize and give out vapor. Since the liquid is an extract of tobacco, the vapor contains nicotine.  However, you need to refill the level of this liquid each time so that you can be pretty sure that it will have to serve you for a long time without any interruption whatsoever. It therefore means that for those who prefer using e-cigarettes, they will only have to buy them at once and continue refilling the reservoir. For the smokers, they need to buy the normal cigars each time they want to smoke. The following are some of the major differences between normal cigars and e-cigarettes;

  • cartridges
  • e-liquids
  • heating method


These are the reservoirs that are meant to store the e-liquids. These liquids are simply the extracts from raw tobacco that are supposed to be heated to vaporization. Once the liquid vaporizes, it will produce the vapor that contains nicotine. As it evaporates, you can expect the level of the liquid to keep on decreasing. It therefore needs that you keep on refilling the level of the liquid. This will help your device to work as perfect as it is expected to perform. Sometimes, you may opt to change these cartridges so as you can increase the efficiency of the device. This is the best way of ensuring that it keeps on providing the services that are needed.


These are the liquids that are extracted directly from tobacco leaves. It is meant to stay in the reservoirs of the e-cigarettes. Each time you need to inhale the vapor, the system will be able to heat the liquid at the highest level of temperature till it produces the amount of vapor that will serve your purpose. You can either refill your cartridge with the best flavor of liquid or even opt to change the whole cartridge.

Heating method

This includes the system of which your tobacco needs to be heated with so as it can either produce the smoke or vapor depending on the method that you are using to inhale. If you are using the normal cigar, you will have to burn the lower end of the cigar so as it can produce the smoke for inhaling. If you use the e-cigarettes, you can rely on the battery so as it can produce the desired heating effect.