All that you Need to Know About E-Cigarettes

Normal cigars are well known for their simplicity. They are made from the simplest form of technology as compared to the modern cigars. If you need to know more details about these cigars, this article will help you to have the understanding that you are looking for. The e-cigarettes are very special in that they are made from the simplest form of technology. They are like pipes and fitted with amazing features that can make the whole vaping process adorable. The device is heated by the lithium-ion that is meant to heat the electronic liquid that should produce the vapor.

The difference between the smoking and vaping is that vaping involves inhaling of the vapor so that in this process, only vapor that is inhaled. This is quite different in the case of the smoking. Smoking involves the burning of the dry tobacco so that smoke can be produced. You therefore need to recharge the battery regularly so that it can help your device to function as it is expected. This means that you need to be connected with the electricity for you to be able to enjoy the services of e-cigarettes. The following are some of the other features that you need to know as far as these electronic cigars are concerned;

  • mode of inhaling
  • mouthpiece
  • heating

Mode of inhaling

What do you think is the main difference between these two cigars? The normal cigar produces the smoke. It is the smoke that is supposed to be inhaled by the smoker. The smoke is attained after tobacco has been burnt to completion by the fire that is lit on the lower part of the cigar. Similarly, on the e-cigarettes, the battery heats up the device so that it can burn up the e-liquid. This liquid is supposed to be vaporized to produce vapor. So this makes the two different from each other.


This is the upper part of the device. It is this part that you are supposed to inhale vapor from. This part is known for its sensor. The sensor that is fitted here is supposed to initiate the burning process which will see the device produce vapor that contains nicotine. The vapor is supposed to be inhaled so as one can claim to have inhaled tobacco. This therefore makes the device quite different from how the normal cigar operates.


Heating is another difference that puts the two types of cigars against each other. The normal cigar depends so much on the burning that shall be initiated by you through the use of any source of fire. On the other hand, e-cigarettes are known to be able to ignite themselves through the already set system that is in place. The heating is initiated by the battery after it is has been triggered by the sensor that is located at the mouthpiece. After several instances of vaporization, the liquid is bound to be exhausted hence the reason why it needs to be refilled from time to time.